About NNN Investing with Joel Owens

Are you interested in NNN investing but aren’t sure how to get started? This week’s episode of the NNN podcast is just for you!


In Episode #02,  we chat with Joel Owens of NNN Invest. Joel is a principal broker that specializes in NNN retail properties. He works closely with his clients to ensure that they are successful. Since Joel has been in the industry for over 15 years, he has an exclusive database of highly sought after investment properties that he can offer his clients. Joel has been involved with $200M+ in commercial real estate transactions and is looking forward to the continual growth.

Today’s show is about investing in triple net retail properties. We cover many topics, from high-level success tips to specific commercial estate investing steps to take when deciding to invest.

In this episode we cover:

  • The many advantages of NNN investing
  • Creating NNN investing strategies for successful transactions
  • Vetting out ideal investment properties
  • What makes an investment property ideal
  • What Joel looks for when researching high-grade investment properties

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