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1031 Exchanges

Learn how to get the most out of your 1031 exchange.

STNL Properties

We go in-depth on Single Tenant Net Lease structure and who benefits most from this type of property.

MTNL Property

Multi-Tenant Net lease structure is complicated, but our hosts and guests break it down and make it easy.


Joel Owens

Host and Principal Broker at NNN Invest

The owner and founder of NNN Invest. Joel is continuously thinking of new and exciting ways to improve his company for his team and his investor buyer clients and passive partners. Commercial real estate (especially RETAIL) is a core focus asset class that Joel loves to constantly learn on and try new things with.

Keith Minick


Keith has worked for the last 4 years as Joel’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, the two have worked together to grow the brand and increase awareness around NNN retail properties and investing.